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Oregon Automobile Insurance Plan
Welcome to the homepage of the Automobile Insurance Plan of Oregon.

The Automobile Insurance Plan of Oregon was created to provide automobile insurance coverage to eligible risks who seek coverage and are unable to obtain such coverage through the voluntary market. Eligible Automobile Insurance Plan of Oregon risks are shared among companies writing automobile insurance in the state of Oregon. 

Oregon is one of several states that comprise an association of auto plans referred to as the Western Association of Automobile Insurance Plans (WAAIP).  WAAIP is a processing center where people who have trouble buying automobile insurance are put in touch with an insurance company which will insure them. Security Update

You may know by now of the security vulnerability posed to a great number of Internet sites by the Heartbleed bug.

We have confirmed that these AIPSO websites were not vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug:
• EASi

AIPSO has also remediated the potential vulnerability for the websites below and updated all relevant site certificates.

While we have no reason to believe any data was compromised or that any breach occurred, changing your password is advisable whenever vulnerabilities are identified in an application or web site.  To change your password for the following AIPSO-hosted sites, you must log in by following the links below:

Click here for more information regarding this security vulnerability issue.


Important Notices

Introduction of EASi 2.0 Online Rating Interface (01/11/2011). 

The Oregon Automobile Insurance Plan is pleased to announce that effective January 11, 2011, EASi 2.0 for certain Oregon private passenger risks will be available to all registered agents.  EASi 2.0 is a windows based data entry system much easier to use than the old EASi 1.0 which was completing a PDF form.  The online rating interface is integrated with the EASi private passenger mechanism, and allows registered producers to calculate an estimated rate for applications submitted to the Oregon Plan via the Internet.  You'll find step-by-step instructions for EASi's online rating interface at  

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