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AIPSO is a management organization and service provider for various insurance industry groups responsible for administering the residual market.  Click here for registration instructions, and to learn about the benefits of registering for  Click a button below for access to AIPSO's other web sites and products.

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 Update: AIPSO Home Office Closed on Monday, 2/8/16

Due to a winter storm impacting southern New England, AIPSO's home office in Johnston, Rhode Island will be closed on Monday, February 8.

The following AIPSO regional/Plan operations offices headquartered in AIPSO's home office will be also be closed on February 8:

  • AIPSO's Northeast Region (CT, ME, NH, PA, VT, and the NH Auto Reinsurance Facility)
  • Rhode Island Automobile Insurance Plan and Rhode Island Service Center
  • Arkansas Automobile Insurance Plan
  • AIPSO's Central Region management office (IA, IL, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD). Central Region operations offices in Illinois and Minnesota will operate during regular business hours.
  • Associated Auto Insurers Plan of South Carolina
  • Plan operations offices serving the Indiana, Louisiana, and Oklahoma Auto Insurance Plans

All other AIPSO regional offices are currently scheduled to operate during regular business hours on Monday, February 8.

AIPSO Headlines
Enhancements to Email Alerts for AIPSO's Online CircularsEnhancements to Email Alerts for AIPSO's Online Circulars

Users of have the ability to designate the specific states from which they wish to receive Email alerts for AGN, CIR, PCP, and RSP circulars.  In this way, they will no longer receive Email notifications for circulars from states in which they have no business interests.

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Expedited Electronic FTP Data File for CAIP MP ReportsExpedited Electronic FTP Data File for CAIP MP Reports
AIPSO is pleased to announce an upcoming enhancement that will offer expedited delivery of an electronic CAIP Members’ Participation Report FTP data file. This new process is intended to better accommodate companies’ booking deadlines and will give you access to electronic CAIP data approximately two weeks sooner than the current FTP schedule allows. For more information, please click here

Upcoming Enhancements to Members Participation Reports (Updated)Upcoming Enhancements to Members Participation Reports (Updated)

AIPSO is implementing the following enhancements to the Members participation (MP) Reports for companies participating in the pooling mechanisms (CAIPs, JUAs, and Reinsurance Facilities).

  1. Opt-Out of Paper MP Report Delivery: The option for "paperless" MP Reports was piloted with CAIP states in June 2015, and is now available for all pooling mechanisms.  Additionally, the cash settlement invoice can be mailed to a different address than that of the MP Report recipient for those companies continuing with paper delivery.  For more information and instructions on how to take advantage of these new options, click here
  2. Discontinuance of Paper "All Carriers Combined" Report: Unless otherwise notified by your company, AIPSO will discontinue printing and shipping the paper "All Carriers Combined" MP Reports beginning with the December 2015 mailing.
  3. Single CAIP MP Report Production: AIPSO will transition from a split release of the CAIP MP Reports each quarter to a single release each quarter, beginning sometime in 2016.
  4. Accelerated CAIP MP Report Schedule: As an interim step towards a single CAIP release date, the two CAIP MP Report release dates will be advanced by approximately one week, beginning in September 2015.
  5. Electronic Data File Options: AIPSO plans to offer a separate FTP data file for CAIP only, to be made available after the CAIP MP Reports are released.  This will likely be implemented in 2016.
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Additional Phase of Paperless Application Process Goes Additional Phase of Paperless Application Process Goes "Live" in California and New York
A new process was put in place on August 13, 2015 for all producers certified by the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan and the New York Automobile Insurance Plan to submit private passenger applications to AIPSO in a fully electronic manner.
The new process combines electronic payment methods with electronic document submission methods, and is available for all private passenger applications except those that are funded through a premium-financing arrangement.
With this new process, signed applications and supporting documents can be received by the Plan as soon as the producer submits the application data through EASi.  This eliminates the delays caused by mailing application materials from the producer's office to the Plan.
The introduction of this new process does not eliminate the traditional process of sending in payment and application materials by mail, but allows producers to choose between delivery methods.
Future phases of the paperless application processing initiative will focus on developing fully electronic procedures for submitting premium-financed applications and transmitting the applications to the assigned carrier. These additional phases will eliminate the need for applications to be processed in hard-copy.
Once these additional procedures have been developed within the EASi system for both the CAARP and the NYAIP, they may be leveraged and made available to other residual market mechanisms that wish to adopt this paperless process.