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Circular Type Definitions:

  • PCP: Plan Certified Producers - Used to distribute general Plan information to certified and licensed producers by state.
  • SUBMEM (CIR): Subscriber Circulars - Used to distribute Circular and membership information to subscriber/ member companies licensed, by state, to write automobile insurance.  
  • SUBRES (RSP): Subscriber Circular Response - Used to distribute annual meeting proxy forms, ballots, Uniform Plan amendments to subscriber/member company representative licensed, by state, to write automobile insurance.
  • TOC: Take-Out / Keep-Out Credits - Used to distribute Take-Out / Keep-Out Credit Information.

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TypeStateTitleDocumentDocument DateSorted By Document Date In Descending Order
SUBRES (RSP)RI AIP = RI AUTO INS PLAN2018 Annual Meeting Agenda Supplement20181031_AGD_RIAIP_18-07_AnnMtgAgendaSupplement.pdf10/17/2018
SUBMEM (CIR)DC AIP = DC AUTO INS PLANDCAIP Biennial Meeting MinutesSUBMEM DC 1802.pdf10/15/2018
SUBMEM (CIR)DE AIP = DE AUTO INS PLANDE AIP Biennial Meeting MinutesSUBMEM DE 1802.pdf10/15/2018
SUBMEM (CIR)VA AIP = VA AUTO INS PLANVA AIP Biennial Meeting MinutesSUBMEM VA 1802.pdf10/15/2018
SUBMEM (CIR)WV AIP = WV AUTO INS PLANWV AIP Biennial Meeting MinutesSUBMEM WV 1802.pdf10/15/2018
SUBRES (RSP)VT AIP = VT AUTO INS PLANSubscriber Mail Vote for Sections 41 and 46SUBRES (VT AIP) 18-02 Sections 41 and 46 Electronic.pdf10/11/2018
SUBRES (RSP)RI AIP = RI AUTO INS PLANImportant Changes to the Rhode Island Automobile Insurance PlanSUBRES_RIAIP_18-05.pdf10/5/2018
SUBRES (RSP)NH AIP = NH AUTO INS PLANNH Subscriber Mail Vote for Sections 6, 11 and 12SUBRES (NH AIP) 18-01 Sections 6,11 and 12.pdf10/5/2018
SUBRES (RSP)LA AIP = LA AUTO INS PLANSUBRES (LA AIP) 18-05 Ballot to Amend Plan of Operation Sec. 30 CancellationsSUBRES (LA AIP) 18-05 Subscriber Vote Amendment to Section 30. Cancellations.pdf9/21/2018
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