Mississippi Automobile Insurance Plan

Welcome to the home page of the Mississippi Automobile Insurance Plan!

The Mississippi Automobile Insurance Plan was created to provide automobile insurance coverage to eligible risks who seek coverage and are unable to obtain such coverage through the voluntary market (for complete eligibility requirements, see Section 20 and 36 of the Plan Manual). Eligible Mississippi Automobile Insurance Plan risks are shared among companies writing automobile insurance in the state of Mississippi. This Plan became effective July 19, 1948.

Any insurance agent holding a valid Property & Casualty license for the state of Mississippi can write business through the MSAIP.

Consumers possessing a valid Mississippi driver’s license and a vehicle registered in Mississippi are eligible to be assigned through MSAIP. For further information consumers should consult their agent or broker.

On our site we will publish documents related to the Plan as they become available. We hope you find this site to be a valuable source of the insurance information you need, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.  

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Commercial EASi Upgrade

On or about 4/11/2017, the Mississippi Plan will be upgrading to EASi 2.0 for commercial application submissions. Please see this document which highlights the benefits of this technical upgrade and provides helpful screen shots.

WARNING: As of 4/11/2017, applications that have been saved but not yet submitted on the EASi 1.0 web site will become unavailable. These applications will have to be re-entered using the new EASi 2.0 web site.

Applications submitted on this web site prior to 4/11/2017 will continue to be available to you here, for 120 days, for viewing and/or reprinting.

Producers will be directed to login to the new EASi 2.0 web site when the upgraded version of EASi becomes available.