Missouri JUA

Missouri Joint Underwriting Association


Effective December 31, 2013 the Missouri Joint Underwriting Association (MJUA) is terminated.  On January 1, 2014, responsibility for new or re-opened claims related to previous MJUA commercial policies was transferred to the MO Automobile Insurance Plan (AIP) Commercial Automobile Insurance Procedure (MO CAIP).

Final MP reports and assessments have been completed and thus, former MJUA subscriber companies will receive no more MP reports or assessments beginning with the period ending March, 2014.

Any claims reported to an MJUA servicing carrier after January 1, 2014 must be settled by the MJUA servicing carrier in accordance with the terms of the MJUA servicing carrier contract.  The servicing carrier must complete and submit a MO AIP Notice of Claim Form (AIP 9050) which can be downloaded from the Missouri AIP website "Forms" module by clicking here.

When the claim is settled, the MO AIP will reimburse the servicing carrier for any related claim settlement.  To request reimbursement, the servicing carrier must complete and fax a MO AIP Check Request Form (AIP 9049) to the MO AIP Regional Manager and AIPSO Financial and Investment Services.  This form can also be downloaded from the Missouri AIP website "Forms" module by clicking here.  These forms are also available by contacting the MO AIP at 888-706-6100.