New Hampshire Reinsurance Facility

New Hampshire Automobile Reinsurance Facility

New Hampshire Automobile Reinsurance Facility

The New Hampshire Automobile Reinsurance Facility, defined in Ins 1400, is a mandatory risk-sharing plan established pursuant to RSA 404-C: 1, to provide a market for personal automobile insurance for eligible risks.

A Board of Governors and a Manager administer the Facility. The Board of Governors shall be composed of 12 members appointed according to the provisions of Ins 1400.

All producers holding a valid license to transact automobile insurance business in the state of New Hampshire may submit an application to a company with whom they are affiliated. The company will then review the application to assure eligibility and then cede the application to the Facility.

For eligibility criteria, please refer to the Facility’s Plan of Operation Section 3. Eligibility for Cession.

Mailing Address

Northeast Region
302 Central Ave
Johnston, RI 02919

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:15 am - 4:30 pm ET


(401) 528-1488


(401) 528-1409



Changes to the New Hampshire Automobile Reinsurance Facility's Processing

The Board of Governors, during its June 16, 2016 meeting, approved changes to the NHARF's process and forms, effective with the quarter beginning with October 2016 accounting data.

Here's what changed:

  • Facility's Validation Process will change from monthly to quarterly.  However, Member Companies will continue to submit cessions and accounting data/policy level detail on a monthly basis.
  • Elimination of the requirement to submit the Transmittal Form (C-1) when there is no monthly premium or loss data to report.
  • Elimination of the Monitoring Monthly Cession Limitation.  Member Companies will continue to submit the CC-2 form monthly when there is cession and/or accounting data to report.
  • Elimination of the Files to notify the Facility of the reporting of Zero Cessions.  Member Companies will no longer report zero cession to the Facility.

The approved changes have very little impact to your Company's handling of Facility business.  For more detailed information, please review NHARF Circular CIR (NR)16-01 dated August 15, 2016. 

Report of Operations:

The New Hampshire Automobile Reinsurance Facility's Annual Report of Operations is available for electronic access from this website under the Documents section.