Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan

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 The Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan (PA ARP or the "Plan") was established pursuant to Subchapter D of Chapter 17 or Title 75 (75 Pa. C.S., Vehicle Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania), as amended by Act 6.  All insurers writing automobile insurance in Pennsylvania must participate in the PA ARP by providing such insurance.

All producers holding a valid license to transact automobile insurance business in Pennsylvania must be certified by the Governing Committee in accordance with the standards and procedures approved by the Insurance Commissioner prior to submitting applications to the Plan.

If an applicant has been unable to obtain coverage through the voluntary market, the applicant must contact a certified producer of record, as described above, for the purpose of securing insurance through the Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan. Applicants may contact the Plan to verify a producers certification status.

Applicants must declare and certify that they have tried and failed to obtain automobile insurance in Pennsylvania within the preceding 60 days and have been unable to obtain such insurance at rates not exceeding those applicable under the Plan.



Commercial EASi 1.0 Upgraded to EASi 2.0

On November 2, 2016, changes were implemented in EASi 2.0 for Commercial applications.  Click here to see details about the changes in a reference tool entitled "Commercial Applications in EASi 2.0 FAQs".

EASi 2.0 Enhancements for the Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan

Effective May 23, 2016, new functionality will be added for private passenger applications only.  When the zip code is entered in the Operators Tab, the Territory Code-County will pre-fill in the Vehicles Tab.  Please see the reference tool provided in Plan Documents. Circulars are also being distributed.

Compensation to Plan Certified Producers

Plan certified producers are reminded that fees and/or additional charges are prohibited from being charged to an insured for placing coverage in the Plan.  For Sections 15, 29 and 42 of the Plan, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department prohibits licensed, Plan certified insurance agents and brokers acting as producers from making any additional charge or charging any fee for placing of coverage in the Plan.  Producer remuneration shall be limited to the compensation allowed on the collected earned premium.

Clarification of the Eligibility Requirements of Applicants and Additional Operators with Foreign Licenses

According to Pennsylvania motor vehicle law, an individual with a valid foreign driver’s license and International Driving Permit may operate in the state for one year before obtaining a state-issued license. The PA Plan’s private passenger and commercial eligibility requirements clarify that coverage may be available through the Plan for the applicant and any additional operators who have a foreign driver’s license provided they can provide supporting documentation regarding their operator licensing. With the application, the applicant, licensed members of the named insured’s household and any other licensed individuals operating the insured vehicle who are from outside the United States must submit copies of a valid foreign driver’s license and International Driving Permit, both issued from the country of origin and a copy of one of the following documents: (1) a valid passport from the country of origin, (2) an alien registration receipt card (green card), (3) a valid employment authorization card issued by the United States Department of Homeland Security, or (4) valid proof of nonimmigrant classification provided by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Annual Report of Operations and Financial Statements

The current Annual Report of Operations and Financial Statements is available for electronic access from the Plan's website under the Plan Documents module.


 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Commercial Application (AIP2251 1-16)Form2/9/2016124.95 KBDownload
Commercial Application Garage Supplement (AIP2252 1-16)Form1/7/201640.86 KBDownload
Commercial Garage UM Lower Limits (PA5000 7-08)Supplement7/18/201115.53 KBDownload
Commercial Operator Schedule (AIP3502 12-02)Supplement3/25/201115.19 KBDownload
Commercial Policy Change Request (AIP2253 7-14)Form6/30/201447.71 KBDownload
Commercial Vehicle Schedule (AIP3500 1-10)Supplement3/25/201122.56 KBDownload
Company Performance Complaint (AIP9070 4-14)Form4/9/201428.08 KBDownload
EASi Retraction (AIP2256 1-16)Form2/9/201622.17 KBDownload
Premium Comparison (AIP2260 2-03)Form3/25/201158.73 KBDownload
Private Passenger Alternate Application Package (AIP2250 9-14)Form8/29/2014132.40 KBDownload
Private Passenger Collision Deductible Rejection (PA6000 7-08)Supplement7/18/201114.91 KBDownload
Private Passenger Driver Verification (AIP2257 3-09)Form7/18/20118.00 KBDownload
Private Passenger Policy Change Request (AIP2265 9-14)Form8/29/201451.02 KBDownload
Private Passenger Tort Option Selection (PA1000 7-08)Supplement3/25/201120.40 KBDownload
Private Passenger UIM Lower Limits (PA4000UIM 7-08)Supplement7/18/201115.40 KBDownload
Private Passenger UIM Protection Rejection (PA3000A 7-08)Supplement7/18/201114.12 KBDownload
Private Passenger UM Lower Limits (PA4000UM 7-08)Supplement7/18/201115.42 KBDownload
Private Passenger UM Protection Rejection (PA2000A 7-08)Supplement7/18/201114.03 KBDownload
Private Passenger Underinsured Coverage Limits (PA3000B 7-08)Supplement3/25/201114.16 KBDownload
Private Passenger Uninsured Coverage Limits (PA2000B 7-08)Supplement3/25/201114.08 KBDownload
Producer Certification Application (AIP2261 1-16)Form1/6/201666.96 KBDownload
Producer Performance Complaint Form (AIP9060 11-14)Form10/31/201426.71 KBDownload
Suspected Fraudulent Activity ReportForm3/25/201157.91 KBDownload