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Rhode Island Automobile Insurance Plan

Rhode Island Automobile Insurance Plan

The Rhode Island Automobile Insurance Plan (RIAIP or the "Plan") was established pursuant to Chapter 3002 Public Laws of 1952 and Chapter 31-33-8 of the R.I. General Laws to provide auto liability and physical damage coverages to those insureds who are unable to obtain such auto insurance in the voluntary market. All insurers writing automobile insurance in Rhode Island must participate in the RIAIP by providing such insurance.

All producers holding a valid license to transact automobile insurance business in Rhode Island must be certified by the Governing Committee in accordance with standards and procedures approved by the Superintendent of Insurance prior to submitting applications to the Plan.

Applicants must declare and certify that they have tried and failed to obtain automobile insurance in Rhode Island within the preceding 60 days and have been unable to obtain such insurance at rates not exceeding those applicable under the Plan.

Personal automobile insurance is processed and maintained through the Rhode Island Service Center. Commercial automobile insurance is initially reviewed through the Rhode Island Service Center then assigned and maintained by a commercial servicing carrier.

Mailing Address

Rhode Island Automobile Insurance Plan
P.O. Box 6530
Providence, RI 02940-6530

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:15 am - 4:30 pm ET


(401) 946-2600


(401) 528-1409



Street Address

Rhode Island Automobile Insurance Plan
302 Central Avenue
Johnston, RI 02919

Confirmation of Coverage For Policies Beginning with R38   Confirmation of Coverage For Policies Beginning with R38A

ATTENTION RI AUTO INSURANCE PLAN COMPANIES With the launch of the new Automobile Policy Processing System (APPS) on October 1, 2018, there will be a new confirmation of coverage system that will provide instant access to declarations pages and policy documents. The new system’s policy numbers will start with R38A. All individuals who want to confirm coverage on policies starting with R38A, will need to create a new login and password to access the system. Access codes are unique for each individual and can be obtained by emailing: risc-coverages@aipso.com or calling (401) 946-0480. Information needed will be: full name, company, email address, and phone number. For further help accessing the system once the new user name and password are assigned, please call (888) 424-0026.


York Claims Service Inc.

Loss information can be obtained for policies effective 01/01/19 and later by contacting York Claims Service, Inc. either by the toll free number or email address listed below:

Phone:  877-589-5858
Email:  RIAIP8880@yorksg.com


The APPS Producer Manual is now available and can be found under Rhode Island Plan Links or by clicking here.


In the coming weeks producers are encouraged to take the opportunity to test the Create Full Quote feature in APPS to gain familiarity with the new system.


All created test quotes can be saved without submitting to the plan by selecting exit after completing the quote process.  DO NOT press the submit button.

New Automobile Policy Processing System (APPS)

The producer portal of the Rhode Island Service Center’s new automobile policy processing system is now available to view and manage renewal policies effective October 1,  and to submit applications for new business effective November 1. Producers can access the new system by clicking on the APPS link.

Producers should be aware that new business and renewal policies in the new system will start with R38A. All transactions related to current policies (R38 policies) will continue to be processed in our current system until the policy renews.

The User Guide for producers will be posted to the website on October 4.

New Driver Verification Requirement

Effective October 1, 2018 a driver verification requirement is introduced requiring that when an owner/applicant who does not have a current valid license applies for coverage, a Driver Verification Form, signed by both the owner/applicant and the principal operator on the application, must be submitted with the application.  When a license suspension or revocation is discovered during the policy period or at renewal, the insured must add a licensed operator and submit a completed Driver Verification Form to the Plan.  The form will generate in the new APPS system for new business. The form is available in the Forms section below for renewals and driver changes to policies.

Attention Rhode Island Auto Insurance Plan Certified Producers:

The Rhode Island Insurance Division in conjunction with the Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles has issued the following alert: Elimination of SR-22 Financial Responsibility Filings http://www.dbr.ri.gov/documents/divisions/insurance/consumers/IndustryAlert2018-2.pdf

Effective July 18, 2018 the Service Center will remove SR-22 filings from all policies.  There is NO further action on the producers or insureds part to remove the filing.  Please allow several weeks for the cancellation of the SR-22 to process. NOTE: If an insured wants to cancel a non-owner policy associated with a SR-22 filing, a policy cancellation request must be submitted to the Service Center.


Annual Report of Operations

The Annual Report of Operations and Financial Statement is now available from this website under the Plan Documents module.


 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
ACH Deposit Authorization FormForm7/14/2017221.44 KBDownload
Commercial Application (AIP4551 6-19)Form6/3/2019351.00 KBDownload
Commercial Application Auto Dealers Supplement (AIP4555 6-17)Form6/1/2017141.88 KBDownload
Commercial Operator Schedule (AIP3502 12-02)Supplement7/18/201115.19 KBDownload
Commercial Policy Change Request (AIP4554 12-15)Form11/30/201563.81 KBDownload
Commercial Vehicle Schedule (AIP3500 1-10)Supplement8/2/201022.56 KBDownload
Company Performance Complaint Interactive (AIP4561 1-16)Form10/14/201657.62 KBDownload
Credit Card Payment Authorization Form (AIP4566 7-18) 8/1/201869.60 KBDownload
Driver Verification Form (AIP4608 10-18)Form9/28/201867.76 KBDownload
EASi Retraction Request (AIP4606 7-18)Form8/1/201886.41 KBDownload
Named Ownership Change Form (CW-3503)Form7/27/201518.61 KBDownload
Non Franchised Dealers Pickup or Delivery of Autos Rejection (AIP4552 6-95)Form7/18/20117.80 KBDownload
Private Passenger Alternate Application Package (AIP4605 10-18)Form9/28/2018326.01 KBDownload
Private Passenger Policy Change Request (Interactive) (AIP4553 7-18)Form8/1/2018226.36 KBDownload
Private Passenger Rating ExampleWorksheet10/16/2012403.34 KBDownload
Producer Certification Application (AIP4562 1-16)Form11/9/2016130.50 KBDownload
Producer Change RequestForm11/9/2016121.60 KBDownload
Producer Change Request Block TransferForm11/9/201670.83 KBDownload
Producer Performance Complaint Interactive (AIP4560 10-03)Form2/10/201652.47 KBDownload
RI Temporary ID Card Order form for Endorsements onlyForm12/6/201891.38 KBDownload
Signature Sheet (AIP4607 7-18) 8/1/2018394.15 KBDownload
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Rejection (AIP4556 12-15)Form12/2/201513.32 KBDownload