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Rhode Island Automobile Insurance Plan

Welcome to the home page of the Rhode Island Automobile Insurance Plan.

The Rhode Island Automobile Insurance Plan (RIAIP or the "Plan") was established pursuant to Chapter 3002 Public Laws of 1952 and Chapter 31-33-8 of the R.I. General Laws to provide auto liability and physical damage coverages to those insureds who are unable to obtain such auto insurance in the voluntary market.   All insurers writing automobile insurance in Rhode Island must participate in the RIAIP by providing such insurance.

All producers holding a valid license to transact automobile insurance business in Rhode Island  must be certified by the Governing Committee in accordance with standards and procedures approved by the Superintendent of Insurance prior to submitting applications to the Plan.

Applicants must declare and certify that they have tried and failed to obtain automobile insurance in Rhode Island within the preceding 60 days and have been unable to obtain such insurance at rates not exceeding those applicable under the Plan.

Personal automobile insurance is processed and maintained through the Rhode Island Service Center. Commercial automobile insurance is initially reviewed through the Rhode Island Service Center then assigned and maintained by a commercial servicing carrier. 


Online Reporting of Take-Out Credits Now Available

The online submission form for reporting Take-Out Credits is now available. Click here to access the form.

Online Reporting of Take Out Credits

Take-Out Credit Request forms are changing to an online submission form, effective with July 2017 submissions (policies with April 2017 effective dates). Click here to view the circular for online submission.

Commercial EASi Upgrade

On or about 4/11/2017, the Rhode Island Plan will be upgrading to EASi 2.0 for commercial application submissions. Additional information here.

WARNING: As of 4/11/2017, applications that have been saved but not yet submitted on the EASi 1.0 web site will become unavailable. These applications will have to be re-entered using the new EASi 2.0 web site.

Applications submitted on this web site prior to 4/11/2017 will continue to be available to you here, for 120 days, for viewing and/or reprinting.

Producers will be directed to login to the new EASi 2.0 web site when the upgraded version of EASi becomes available.

The Producer and Company Complaint Forms are now interactive allowing for automated completion of the form

Completed complaint forms can be electronically submitted to the RI Service Center by attaching the form to an email addressed to RIAIP@AIPSO.com

Annual Report of Operations

The Annual Report of Operations and Financial Statement is now available from this website under the Plan Documents module.



 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
ACH Deposit Authorization FormForm7/14/2017221.44 KBDownload
AIPSO Order FormForm7/17/201745.21 KBDownload
Commercial Application (AIP4551 12-15)Form11/30/2015133.27 KBDownload
Commercial Application Auto Dealers Supplement (AIP4555 6-17)Form6/1/2017141.88 KBDownload
Commercial Operator Schedule (AIP3502 12-02)Supplement7/18/201115.19 KBDownload
Commercial Policy Change Request (AIP4554 12-15)Form11/30/201563.81 KBDownload
Commercial Vehicle Schedule (AIP3500 1-10)Supplement8/2/201022.56 KBDownload
Company Performance Complaint Interactive (AIP4561 1-16)Form10/14/201657.62 KBDownload
EASi Retraction Request (AIP4565 2-03)Form8/2/2010100.52 KBDownload
Named Ownership Change Form (CW-3503)Form7/27/201518.61 KBDownload
Non Franchised Dealers Pickup or Delivery of Autos Rejection (AIP4552 6-95)Form7/18/20117.80 KBDownload
Private Passenger Alternate Application Package (AIP4550 12-15)Form11/30/2015115.66 KBDownload
Private Passenger Policy Change Request (Interactive) (AIP4553 7-17)Form9/12/2017225.00 KBDownload
Private Passenger Rating ExampleWorksheet10/16/2012403.34 KBDownload
Producer Certification Application (AIP4562 1-16)Form11/9/2016130.50 KBDownload
Producer Change RequestForm11/9/2016121.60 KBDownload
Producer Change Request Block TransferForm11/9/201670.83 KBDownload
Producer Performance Complaint Interactive (AIP4560 10-03)Form2/10/201652.47 KBDownload
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Rejection (AIP4556 12-15)Form12/2/201513.32 KBDownload