South Carolina CAIP

South Carolina Commercial Automobile Insurance Plan

Welcome to the home page of the South Carolina Commercial Automobile Insurance Plan (SCCAIP)!

The South Carolina Commercial Automobile Insurance Plan is a voluntary industry mechanism, which was created in December 1986 to provide commercial automobile insurance coverage to eligible risks who seek coverage and are unable to obtain such coverage through the South Carolina voluntary market (For complete eligibility requirements, see Section 2 of the Plan Manual). Eligible South Carolina Commercial Automobile Insurance Plan risks are shared among subscriber companies of the SCCAIP who write automobile insurance in the state of South Carolina.

The following list reflects those risks eligible for coverage through the SCCAIP Plan and must be submitted on application form SCCAIP 100 (09-16)

  • Buses
  • Charleston Tour Guide Services
  • Commercial Trucks and Tractors (over 20,000 lbs)
  • Pulpwood Trucks
  • Taxicabs

Only properly licensed agents of those commercial carrier subscribers, who pay a membership fee to the SCCAIP, are eligible to place business in the SCCAIP.

Consumers possessing a valid South Carolina driver’s license and a vehicle registered in South Carolina are eligible to be assigned through SCCAIP, as long as a properly licensed agent submits an application for coverage. For further information consumers should consult their agent or broker.

On our site we will publish documents related to the Plan as they become available. We hope you find this site to be a valuable source of the insurance information you need, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.