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Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association

Welcome to the Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association.

The Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association (FAJUA) was created pursuant Sections 627.311 and 627.351, Florida Statutes, by order of the Insurance Commissioner Dated February 9, 1973, for the purpose of establishing and carrying out a program for providing automobile insurance to qualified applicants unable to procure such insurance in the voluntary market at rates below the FAJUA.

Every insurer authorized to write automobile liability insurance or automobile physical damage insurance in Florida shall be a member of the Association and shall subscribe and be bound by the Articles of Association of the FAJUA and by the rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto. 

The Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association is available to licensed drivers and vehicle owners who have been unable to purchase insurance from other companies.  The FAJUA is often referred to as “The High Risk Market” or “Market of Last Resort.”

The selection of a producer to provide insurance coverage is an important decision that should not be based solely on price or advertisement. Before you purchase insurance we suggest you call the Florida Department of Financial Services, Office of Insurance Regulation at 800-342-2762 to verify that a producer is licensed to provide insurance coverage for you. You may call our office at 850-681-2003 to verify that a producer is registered with the FAJUA before purchasing automobile insurance.

Section 817.234 of the Florida Statutes establishes a felony of the third degree, for anyone who, with intent to injure, defraud, or deceive any motor vehicle insurer, including the FAJUA, presents or causes to be presented any written application, or written statement in support thereof, knowing that the application or statement contains any false , incomplete, or misleading information concerning any fact or matter material to the application.

If you are visiting this website because you have received a cancellation from your current automobile insurance carrier we suggest you contact the agent that you purchased the policy from. Or you may send us an email at HELP@FAJUA.ORG giving us your zip code and if there are producers in your area representing the FAJUA you will be sent a list of 2 within 48 hours.

AIPSO Offices' Holiday Schedule

AIPSO's home office in Johnston, Rhode Island and all AIPSO regional offices will be closed on Memorial Day--Monday, May 30.

In addition, AIPSO's Western Region office in San Francisco will close at 2:00 p.m. (Pacific time) on Friday, May 27.

The following regional/Plan operations offices are headquartered in AIPSO’s home office:
• AIPSO’s Northeast Region, serving the Automobile Insurance Plans of Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Vermont, as well as the New Hampshire Automobile Reinsurance Facility
• The Rhode Island Automobile Insurance Plan and Rhode Island Plan Service Center
• The Arkansas Automobile Insurance Plan
• The Associated Auto Insurers Plan of South Carolina
• The Plan operations offices serving the Indiana, Louisiana, and Oklahoma Automobile Insurance Plans
• The Plan management office for AIPSO’s Central Region, serving the Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota Plans

AIPSO’s Mid-Atlantic regional office, headquartered  in Glen Allen, Virginia, serves the  Automobile Insurance Plans of Delaware, District of Columbia, Virginia, and West Virginia.   

AIPSO’s New Jersey Regional office in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, serves the state’s Personal  Automobile Insurance and Commercial Automobile Insurance Plans, as well as New Jersey’s Special Automobile Insurance Policy program.

AIPSO’s New York regional office, headquartered in New York City, serves the New York Automobile Insurance Plan

AIPSO’s Southeastern regional office, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, serves the Automobile Insurance Plans of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina (CAIP), and Tennessee

AIPSO’s Western regional office, headquartered in San Francisco, serves the Automobile Insurance Plans of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, as well as California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance program.

All AIPSO offices are scheduled to resume normal business hours on Tuesday, May 31.



This is not an Agency Contract  All Florida licensed 2-20 agents holding an appointment to one or more member companies which is authorized to write private passenger automobile liability and physical damage insurance and commercial automobile liability and physical damage insurance are eligible to register with the FAJUA. Eligible producers may register at WWW.FAJUA.0RG, complete a Producer’s Contract and FAJUA’s Continuing Education on Line. 

All producers must register, complete a contract with the FAJUA and receive notice of acceptance from the FAJUA prior to binding any coverage or accepting any premium payment on behalf of the FAJUA. The FAJUA has 30 days from the date of receipt of the original Producer’s Contract and copies of the front and back of the DFS license to notify the producer.  PLEASE NOTE: There are binding limitations for Commercial Risks. Please refer to the Underwriting Manual of Rules and Rates for instructions.

Only agency employees who hold a current 2-20 license, have registered, and completed a Producer’s Contract and FAJUA’s Continuing Education on Line may bind coverage with the FAJUA in accordance with Florida Statutes 624.425 and 627.4085.  Producers are not authorized to issue the following on behalf of the FAJUA and its servicing carrier

  1. Automobile Insurance Identification Cards ID Cards
  2. Certificates of Insurance
  3. SR 22
  4. Filings with any Government Entity - Local, State or Federal
  5. Any Type of Financial Responsibility Filings
  6. Any proof of coverage other than a copy of an application or copy of the policy.

Producers Contract TermsProducers are required to submit new contracts biennially or when required by the FAJUA. A renewal notice will be sent to all registered producers every two years.

Producer Appeals.  Producers may appeal any decision of the FAJUA by sending an appeal to the FAJUA in writing within 30 days of the date of the FAJUA’s notice. Producers may appeal underwriting decisions made by the servicing carrier by providing written notice to the servicing carrier within 30 days of their decision.

Submission of Business to the FAJUA Producers must use the applications and quote requests approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services for the FAJUA. The completed application and applicable down payment must be sent directly to the Servicing Carrier.

Member Companies.  Every insurance company authorized to write automobile liability insurance or automobile physical damage insurance in Florida shall be a member of the FAJUA and shall subscribe to and be bound by the Articles of Association and by the rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto. The termination of membership (close of fiscal year member company ceases to be authorized to write automobile insurance in Florida) shall not discharge or otherwise affect liability incurred prior to the expiration of such policies, and the member shall be charged or credited in due course with its proper share of all expenses, losses, and profits allocable thereto.  (Articles of Association, Article III)

Meeting of Member Companies.  A regular meeting of the members shall be held annually on such date, at such place within the State of Florida and at such hour as may be designated by the Board of Governors.  (Historically - April each year)

Request for Letters of Interest.  Any qualified insurance company interested in becoming a FAJUA servicing carrier, please submit a letter of interest.

Assessment Notice.  The FAJUA Board of Governors has approved an assessment of the member companies. Advanced notice to the member companies was released on August 30, 2004. Click here to view the assessment circular.

Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association
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