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Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan
Welcome to the Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan home page.

The Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan (ILAIP) was created to provide automobile insurance coverage to those eligible risks who are unable to obtain coverage in the voluntary market. This Plan became effective on October 1, 1940.

All insurers writing automobile insurance in Illinois are required to participate in the ILAIP by subscribing to the Plan. All agent and brokers holding a valid license to transact automobile insurance in the state of Illinois are eligible to submit applications to the Plan.

Applicants must declare and certify that they have tried and failed to obtain automobile insurance in Illinois within the preceding 60 days and have been unable to obtain such insurance at rates not exceeding those applicable under the Plan. Applicants must have also have a valid drivers license or be eligible to obtain one through a filing. For further information, consumers should consult their agent or broker.  




New Manager Appointed for AIPSO's Central Region

AIPSO Field Operations is pleased to announce the promotion of its newest Director & Field Operations Team Leader, effective October 1, 2015.  In conjunction with this promotion, this individual  will assume the duties of regional manager for AIPSO’s Central Region, which serves the automobile insurance plans of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  Registered users of can learn more about this appointment by clicking this link.

Effective August 1, 2013 the Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan has added an Alternate Application Package to the forms section of the website for Private Passenger and Commercial Application submission.  Please be aware that private passenger and commercial aplications must be submitted through EASi.  In the event EASi is unavailable or if the producer does not have access to the internet, the producer may download a plain paper Private Passenger or Commercial Alternate Application Package from the Plan website and follow the Alternate Submission Procedures in Sections 56 and 57 of the Illinois Plan Manual.

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Commercial Alternate Application Package (AIP 2967 10-15)Form11/16/2015159.88 KBDownload
Commercial Application Garage Supplement (AIP2968 12-11)Supplement12/5/201126.51 KBDownload
Commercial Notice of Agency Acquisition/Transfer/Merger (AIP2971 2-05)Form3/24/201110.94 KBDownload
Commercial Operator Schedule (AIP3502 12-02)Supplement3/24/201114.18 KBDownload
Commercial Policy Change Request (AIP2965 8-10)Form7/18/201127.94 KBDownload
Commercial Producer Change of Record (AIP2970 2-05)Form7/18/20119.82 KBDownload
Commercial Vehicle Schedule (AIP3500 1-10)Supplement3/24/201122.56 KBDownload
Company Performance Complaint (Interactive) (AIP4140 12-11)Form12/1/201195.80 KBDownload
Company Subscribership Questionnaire (10-13)Form8/27/201470.63 KBDownload
EASi Retraction Request (AIP2964 10-15)Form9/30/201523.04 KBDownload
Private Passenger Alternate Application Package (AIP 2966 10-15)Form11/16/201572.74 KBDownload
Private Passenger Named Driver Exclusion Endorsement (AIP1116 2-90)Form3/24/201124.38 KBDownload
Private Passenger Policy Change Request (AIP2972 1-15)Form12/30/201454.58 KBDownload
Producer Performance Complaint (Interactive) (AIP9500 12-11)Form12/1/201162.62 KBDownload
Rating - ExperienceWorksheet3/24/2011103.05 KBDownload
Rating - Garage Dealer Worksheet3/24/201194.73 KBDownload
Rating - Garage Service Operations Worksheet3/24/201131.21 KBDownload
Rating - Gross ReceiptsWorksheet8/16/201144.81 KBDownload
Rating - Hired Car Coverage Prepared Food Delivery ServicesWorksheet7/18/201147.76 KBDownload
Rating - Private Passenger Auto Worksheet3/24/2011260.11 KBDownload
Rating - Public Autos Other Than Zone RatedWorksheet7/18/201163.74 KBDownload
Rating - Public Autos Zone Rated Worksheet3/24/201177.28 KBDownload
Rating - Trucks, Tractors and Trailers other than Zone RatedWorksheet3/24/201177.01 KBDownload
Rating - Trucks, Tractors and Trailers Zone Rated Worksheet3/24/2011137.40 KBDownload
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