Rhode Island Agendas And Minutes

Access Denied - Rhode Island AIP Governing Committee Agendas and Minutes

You do not have permissions to access the RI AIP Governing Committee Agendas and Minutes page on AIPSO.com.  If you would like to request access to this functionality, please email info@aipso.com 


To access the online agendas and minutes, the user must
1. be on the RI Governing Committee mail list – either as a committee member or as an informational recipient
2. be registered with AIPSO.com and logged in to AIPSO.com

AIPSO will also request an initial confirmation of the e-mail address under which you registered with AIPSO.com for purposes of accessing the online agendas and minutes.

When these conditions are met, you will be automatically granted access to the RI Governing Committee online agendas and minutes.  You will receive an automated e-mail indicating that you have been granted access to the site and to the alerts feature.

If one or more of these conditions are missing, please be aware of the following:

• If you are currently on the RI Governing Committee mail list as a contact person and are not already registered with AIPSO.com, you must register with AIPSO.com first and then contact AIPSO to be granted access (see contacts on Page 2)
• If your company is currently on the Rhode Island Governing Committee mail list without a designated contact person (such as Company A, Department Name), you must contact AIPSO Support Services/Web Support and update your mailing address to include an individual’s name (see contacts on Page 2).  That individual must register with AIPSO.com and then contact AIPSO to be granted access.
• If you are NOT currently on the RI Governing Committee mail list, you must contact AIPSO to be added to the mail list. You must register with AIPSO.com and then you can be granted access.