Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Fostering a Learning Culture


AIPSO is a learning culture that is focused on developing your job-related skills and increasing your area of expertise. AIPSO is committed to positively influencing your career growth and maximizing your job satisfaction.

AIPSO provides a variety of learning opportunities to create an environment that fosters career growth and development. AIPSO encourages and supports business-related professional certifications. AIPSO supports the insurance industry accreditation program sponsored by the Professional Association for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (CPCU). In addition, AIPSO supports the development of project management specialists who have received their certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

To further the learning of our employees, AIPSO provides onsite training in the areas of systems, leadership, management, business processes and organizational practices. AIPSO employees have the opportunity to attend workshops or seminars that are held offsite.

AIPSO's learning and development vision is that our employees are high performing in their jobs and are the subject matter experts in their respective field of work.