New Jersey

New Jersey Automobile Insurance Plan

New Jersey Automobile Insurance Plan (NJAIP)

NJAIP is an assignment mechanism that was created in the state of New Jersey to make personal private passenger automobile insurance coverage, and commercial automobile insurance coverage available for qualified applicants. The Plans are administered by a Governing Committee and a Plan of Operation approved by the Commissioner.

The provisions of the Plans of Operation apply to all insurers admitted to receive automobile insurance assignments in the state of New Jersey and to all qualified applicants receiving automobile insurance through the Plans, except as otherwise stated.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 6530
Providence, RI 02940-6530

Overnight Shipping Address

302 Central Avenue
Johnston, RI 02919

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:15 am - 4:30 pm ET


(800) 652-2471


(856) 722-9382


Office Address

10000 Midlantic Drive, Suite 403 West
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

AIPSO's Office Schedule: Monday, May 27

All of AIPSO's offices - its home office, regional offices, and remote offices - will be closed on Monday, May 27 in observance of Memorial Day.

All AIPSO offices will open and resume regular business hours on Tuesday, May 28. 


Coming Soon: E-Pay!

The New Jersey Automobile Insurance Plan will implement an electronic payment process (E-Pay) option for new business PAIP and SAIP applications submitted through the Plan's Electronic Application Submission interface, EASi 2.0.

E-Pay provides producers with the option to have the deposit premiums from their registered bank accounts electronically transferred to the Assigned Carriers.

E-Pay is a convenient method of submitting PAIP and SAIP applications when the electronic payment option is selected. It will eliminate the mailing of applications to the Plan. A producer can either (1) scan and upload, or (2) fax the fully completed application and the required documentation.

More to come soon! 


 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Addition/Deletion of Agency Employees CAIP/PAIP (9-14)Form10/18/20188.53 KBDownload
AIPSO Order Form (CAIP Applications)Form12/3/201830.69 KBDownload
Authorization for Inspection CAIP/PAIP (AIP4645 12/16)Form12/2/201689.76 KBDownload
CAIP Agency Acquisition/Transfer/Merger (1-07)Plan of Operation12/19/201340.50 KBDownload
CAIP Application Addendum (1-07)Plan of Operation12/19/201315.55 KBDownload
CAIP Commercial Operator Schedule (AIP3502 12-02)Supplement7/18/201112.36 KBDownload
CAIP Commercial Vehicle Schedule (AIP3500 1-10)Supplement3/25/201122.56 KBDownload
CAIP Coverage Selection (AIP4656 5-18)Form4/30/201829.48 KBDownload
CAIP EASi Retraction Request (AIP4637 12-16)Form12/2/2016155.17 KBDownload
CAIP Name and/or Ownership Change FormForm3/25/201142.52 KBDownload
CAIP Payment Comparison (09-14)Plan of Operation10/2/20147.82 KBDownload
CAIP Policy Change Request Interactive (AIP4653 12-16)Form12/2/2016288.15 KBDownload
CAIP Producer of Record Change Authorization (1-07)Plan of Operation12/19/201334.71 KBDownload
CARCO - Insurance Inspection Sites Sites10/11/2018UnknownDownload
Company Performance Complaint CAIP/PAIP/SAIP (AIP4642 10-18)Form9/28/201893.33 KBDownload
E-Pay Guide for CarriersGuide10/23/2018615.44 KBDownload
E-Pay Guide for ProducersGuide10/23/2018407.56 KBDownload
Insurance Company MVC Codes List3/26/2019343.49 KBDownload
NJAIP Application for Certification (AIP4658 10-18)Form10/18/201828.85 KBDownload
NJCAIP Application Checklist (3-16)Worksheet3/23/201622.17 KBDownload
NJPAIP Application Checklist (3-16)Worksheet3/23/201622.43 KBDownload
PAIP Agency Acquisition/Transfer/Merger (7-06)Manual12/19/201344.11 KBDownload
PAIP Antitheft Device Discount Certification (7-06)Manual12/19/2013387.97 KBDownload
PAIP Basic Coverage Selection (AIP4639 5-18)Form4/30/201820.29 KBDownload
PAIP Co-Lessee/Guarantor Certification (2009)Manual12/19/201368.71 KBDownload
PAIP EASi Retraction Request (AIP4635 12-16)Form7/27/201788.52 KBDownload
PAIP Low Speed Vehicle Application (AIP4680 12-16)Form12/2/2016340.10 KBDownload
PAIP Participation Exemption Form (AIP4661 1-15)Form1/16/201583.82 KBDownload
PAIP Payment Comparison (2008)Manual12/19/201333.57 KBDownload
PAIP Personal Alternate Application Package (AIP4646 11-18)Form11/1/2018315.55 KBDownload
PAIP Policy Change Request (Interactive) (AIP4641 8-17)Form8/1/2017234.64 KBDownload
PAIP Producer of Record Change Authorization (7-06)Manual12/19/201337.68 KBDownload
PAIP Request to Exclude Named Driver (AIP4638 3-99)Form7/18/201138.26 KBDownload
PAIP Standard Coverage Selection (AIP4644 5-18)Form4/30/201830.12 KBDownload
PAIP Transaction Log (2009)Manual7/18/201167.41 KBDownload
Producer Performance Complaint CAIP/PAIP/SAIP (AIP4643 10-18)Form9/28/201895.00 KBDownload
Producer Procedure Course Instructor ListingList2/26/201990.18 KBDownload
Producer Procedure Course Registration Form 2019Form12/26/2018175.86 KBDownload
Producer Recertification Application CAIP/PAIPForm3/4/2019154.05 KBDownload
Report of Suspected Fraudulent Activity CAIP/PAIP/SAIPForm11/2/201166.78 KBDownload
SAIP Assessment Exemption Form (AIP4676 1-15)Form2/11/201588.57 KBDownload
SAIP Coverage Selection (SAIP4673 12-16)Form12/2/201670.57 KBDownload
SAIP EASi Retraction Request (AIP4675 12-16)Form12/2/2016102.81 KBDownload
SAIP Payment ComparisonForm3/25/20116.40 KBDownload
SAIP Policy Change Request (Interactive) (AIP4671 3-17)Form3/29/2017169.32 KBDownload
SAIP Special Automobile Policy Alternate Application Package (AIP4670 5-17)Form4/28/2017405.42 KBDownload